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National Quality Award  
The Management Board of the Association for Quality in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the sixteenth session held on 3.3.2010 in Zenica, has decided to accept the project proposal of the "National Award for Quality in Bosnia and Herzegovina." Mrs. Zineta Ćemerlić, EOQ manager, auditor, and an active AQBiH member, is appointed as the project manager.

About the project:
An idea about establishment of the National Quality Award in BH appeared at the end of the 80s, but until recently the idea has not been realized. More and more countries in the world, especially in Europe, introduced an award for quality and more companies participate in it.
The idea of the Association for Quality in BH about the introduction of National Quality Award in BH was positively evaluated by the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, as well as numerous commercial companies in BH, who participated in the conferences about the quality in 2008 and 2009.
The establishment of the National Quality Award, honoring and applying all the internationally accepted standards of business and operations, Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed its commitment to European integrations, as the expression of serious strategic efforts to actually reach this aim in due time.
National Award for quality and business excellence is a tool to improve the quality in our country. The procedure is the following: the tender is published and the criteria for participation and evaluation (independent auditor rating) of participants (competitors) per published criteria.
They differ by category of participants, the content of awards, the composition of elements, the criteria for the assessment of value-added criteria elements, the evaluation of the community, etc. But, looking at the similarities and differences, it is remarkable that the similarities and the differences are mostly attributed to the general cultural understanding of values of individual elements.

Main goal:
To establish a legal and scientific and methodological basis for establishing a National Quality Award in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

General objectives:
  • To form a team for the Project, appoint the Project Manager and make appropriate decisions,
  • Develop implementation plan and the basic documents of the Project
  • Establish a working groups and share tasks, define responsibilities and authorities,
  • Provide initial funds and resources for the Project,
  • Provide support from governmental and legislative bodies
  • Implement the pilot project of the National Quality Award in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Project beneficiaries:
  • Businesses in all areas
  • Institutions at state level
  • Institutions at the level of entities and Brčko District
  • Municipalities in the Federation and the Republic of Srpska
  • Health, financial, educational, cultural and other organizations, institutes, agencies and similar
  • Non-governmental organizations / associations of a wide spectrum
  • Wider community, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Project partners:
  • "Privredna štampa" Sarajevo
  • Institute for Standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Foreign Trade Chamber of BH
  • Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations
Concepts based on business excellence are being introduced and upgraded through models of business excellence containing guidelines for development. Today, in age of global competition, it is particularly important to base businesses on business excellence as a concept for several reasons. These are primarily excellence in products and services, cost reduction, improved relationships with customers, suppliers, business partners, then global recognition and image. It is therefore not surprising that many organizations have opted for such a management approach and thus gain a competitive advantage and reputation as world class.
The challenge stands in front of the BH and its overall economy, which will increasingly have to show and prove their excellence at the global level in order to preserve, maintain and improve their market position in these difficult conditions of globalization.
Achieving operational excellence requires that organizations continuously repeat cycle of continuous improvement, the so-called Deming cycle of improvement (Plan-Do-Check-Act).
Award for Business Excellence by the selected model in BH will be assign to profit and nonprofit organizations as an independent and neutral award for outstanding results achieved in improving and developing quality in BH. It is a strong motivating factor towards business excellence and encouragement for the development of overall climate for quality improvement in our country. It will be awarded with the support of state institutions, business associations and academic institutions that are in charge of monitoring and incentive to improve quality our country.

B&H Quality Association is
EOQ National Representative Organization


"In our complex organisations, quality is inseparable from solidarity. The "chain of quality" unites and links all the economic and social players. Quality is thus the concern of everyone and demands that everyone be involved."
(European Quality Charter, Paris, 23.10.1998)
"The economic operators need to improve their managerial capacity, and the public administrations should facilitate the creation of an environment favourable to supporting a sustainable development of society."
(European Quality Vision, January 2000)
Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, aware of own role in the promotion of the idea of quality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, addopted following
by which it confirms sincere devotion to act toward European integration by using European ideas, attitudes, principles and standards.

(Sarajevo, 6th November 2001)
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